Poacher Challenge

Complete a range of challenges throughout the week at Poacher and you will be awarded the Poacher Challenge badge!
The Poacher Challenge 2022 badge is based around the colours of the Lincolnshire flag (Red to represent the cross of St George, Yellow represents the crops grown in the county, Blue represents the sea of the east coast, and Green represents the rich lushness of fenland fields) and the Lincolnshire Imp (symbol of the City of Lincoln).
Poacher Challenge 2022

About the Challenge

The Poacher Challenge 2022 is designed to encourage participants and adults to meet new people, try new experiences and to enjoy all the jamboree has to offer.

Who can take part?

Participants aged 10-17 can take part in the Poacher Challenge 2022 by completing a range of different challenges from their challenge card.Adults can take part in the Poacher Challenge by completing a range of challenges on their challenge card.

How to take part

  • Register to take part in the Poacher Challenge 2022 by visiting the Poacher Challenge Marquee and collecting your challenge card.
  • Work through the challenge list at your own pace collecting signatures from the leader running the activity to prove your participation.
  • Return your completed challenge card to the Poacher Challenge Marquee to exchange for your Poacher Challenge 2022 badge (4pm Friday is the latest challenges can be submitted however please be aware that badges are awarded on a first come first served basis).

Terms and Conditions

  • Participants and Adults are restricted to one challenge card (and badge) per person – A copy of your camper or staff ID will be taken upon registration.
  • Participant and Adult badges are limited edition and offered on a first come first served basis – Once they are gone there are no more!
  • Final decisions on challenge completion rest with the Poacher Challenge team.
Poacher 2022 is a jointly organised event by Lincolnshire Scouts (charity no 522395), Lincolnshire Girlguiding North (charity number 513165), and Lincolnshire Girlguiding South (charity no 522396).
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