Creative Activities

So much more than just cut and stick!
Poacher is renowned for its wide range of Creative Activities which are located around the Village Green. Our Creative activity program allows all participants to explore their creative side and try out some new crafts while taking a break from the more adventurous activities.

Take the opportunity to create your own souvenirs and presents, with something for everyone and a chance to get away from the hustle and bustle and enjoy creating something new.

All participants will have a ticket to take part in one creative activity each day. Participants will be able to obtain an additional ticket card which will allow them to take part in more creative activities throughout the week.

The Programme Team are busy planning lots of exciting things for Poacher 2022 and more details will be announced in the lead up to the event.

Previous creative activities have included:

Leather Work

Leather Work

Rope making

Rope Making



Glass engraving

Glass Engraving

Beaded woggle

Beaded Woggle

Wire craft

Wire Craft


Japanese Braiding

leather woggle

Leather Woggle

Creative activities

Hama Beads

Mosaic craft

Mosaic Craft



encaustic wax

Encaustic Wax

iris folding

Iris Folding

dream catchers

Dream Catchers





And many, many more!