About Our Programme

Scouts and Guides keep returning to Poacher time and time again - thrilled by the extensive activity programme and exciting atmosphere.

Something for everyone

With hundreds of activities to choose from, we are proud to offer something for every taste! There will, of course, be many high-adrenaline activities, but Poacher also prides itself on creating new concepts and putting a different spin on existing and traditional challenges.

With everything focused on one huge activity site you don’t need to go far to enjoy a non-stop range of Adventurous Activities, Creative Activities, Global Development Village and Entertainments to suit all ages and tastes. We also provide some off-site activities, like our special Water Village, and additional Trips to local places of interest.

Programme Aims

“The adventure of a lifetime”

Poacher has an enviable reputation for creating new activities and experiences. We encourage all of our participants to give something new a try – something you wouldn’t usually do at home or on camp. Take advantage of the huge range of activities on offer and get stuck into something completely different... you may just like it!

Poacher's programme aims include:
  • Providing you with a safe, enjoyable environment to try as many activities as you want to.
  • Keeping you occupied from the beginning of the day right through to the end.
  • Giving you the freedom to explore Poacher and make new friends.
  • Something for everyone:
    • Adventurous activities for all ages, abilities and comfort zones
    • Creative activities for all
    • Cultural activities and experiences for all
    • Global Development activities for all
    • Reflection and quiet zones for all
    • Entertainment for all (From Discos to Cinemas, and Fairground Rides to Talent Shows)
    • Trips for all wishing to experience all that Lincolnshire has to offer
    • Lunchtime shows to keep you entertained while you relax between sessions
  • Activities open to all (age and parental permission dependent).
  • You decide what you want to do! Ticketing will give you a fast track pass to activities but you can join any activity.
  • Limited queuing – Poacher's renowned ticketing system will limit queues at activities.
  • Having “The adventure of a lifetime”.

Timings and Ticketing

Activities run from Sunday to Friday, usually starting at 9.30am through to 12.30pm, break for lunch and then from 2.00pm to 5.00pm. Some activities may operate outside of these times, particularly if transport is necessary.

Tickets are your passport to adventure! To help you fit as much as possible into your experience, Poacher operates an Activity Ticketing system, this helps Scouts and Guides to avoid long queues and seeing the same people every day. With tickets, you know what you will be doing, and when and where you need to be.

The flexibility of the ticketing system allows you to plan out the activities you wish to take part in throughout the week and whilst a ticket will guarantee you access to an activity at a specific time, participants are also able to queue up for any activity even if they don’t have a ticket - filling in spaces as available.

Each subcamp will have an Activity HQ which will allow you to collect new tickets or swap and share with your friends. How many tickets will you collect?


All activities are fully Risk Assessed and covered by Public Liability Insurance (Scouts, Guides, or Commercial Providers). 

All activities which require permits are staffed by permit holders from both associations.  All commercial activities will be run by qualified staff.
Poacher 2022 is a jointly organised event by Lincolnshire Scouts (charity no 522395), Lincolnshire Girlguiding North (charity number 513165), and Lincolnshire Girlguiding South (charity no 522396).
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