Who's Who?

Poacher 2022 is organised as a collaboration between three counties: Lincolnshire Scouts, Lincolnshire Guides North and Lincolnshire Guides South.
The event is brought to you by a dedicated team of volunteers. 

Senior Management Team

Members of the Senior Management Team were appointed by the three counties:

Lizzie Taylor
Chair & Head of Business Services

"The role of Chair is quite wide and definitely varied.  I am responsible for managing the Poacher 2022 Senior Management Team as well as providing a link to the three Counties who together organise the Jamboree. 

My first Poacher was way back in 1992 when I attended as a Young Leader with 6th Louth Brownies.  I then came back to for Poacher 2008, 2013 and 2017 as Finance Manager.  Poacher 2022 is my first Poacher as Chair.  I have to confess I have never camped at Poacher – but that is all about to change…..

My lasting memories of all three Poachers that I have been Finance Manager is the goosebump moment of the opening ceremony when you realise that all the years of planning have come together to make something quite magical.  I love the buzz of Poacher during the week seeing Guides and Scouts having the time of their lives and making unforgettable memories.  My highlight of last Poacher was meeting Ashley Banjo of Diversity (along with the rest of Diversity) prior to them performing at the closing ceremony  - I am sure you will hear more about this in the run up to Poacher 2022!

I am looking forward to watching the magic happen!  I am excited about the new ideas that we are already discussing and the enthusiasm of the team we are getting together.  Poacher 2017 was the best yet and we set the bar high – bring on Poacher 2022!”

Caroline Norden
Head of Participation

“My role is to co-ordinate teams that deal directly with the participants ensuring that they all receive the information they need before, during and after Poacher 2022 and that all participants know what is on offer for them at the jamboree and who to contact should an issue arise. In order to do this effectively the teams need to fully understand what the other teams are doing and build a good working relationship with them before Poacher.

My first Poacher was 1987. Before that I was a Guide in East Anglia so attended events in that area. In 1987 I took a Division Guide group. In 1992 I was a part of the international team, and from then on at each Poacher I have been involved with subcamps either as a member of the subcamp team, a subcamp chief or Camp Chief.

My lasting memories are always centred around friendship - making new friends, meeting up with old friends and helping young people get the most out of their Poacher experience.

This Poacher I am really looking forward to working more closely across the teams with the other members of the Senior Leadership team and developing a stronger link between the subcamps and the other teams at the Jamboree.”

Steve Newton
Head of Programme

“The role of Head of Programme is extremely wide and varied looking
after both participants and staff. The main emphasis of the role is to keep over 6000 participants entertained from the moment they wake up till the moment they go to sleep with a varied range of activities and entertainments. The role also involves the Opening/Closing ceremonies and making sure the staff have suitable evening entertainment!

My first experience of Poacher was in 1987 as a Cub before attending as a Scout in 1992. I then worked on our amazing Water Village for Poacher 1996, 2000, 2004 before switching to the main site and starting to take a more active role in the activity management. Poacher 2022 will be my 9th Poacher Jamboree!

Having spent over 3 years planning a Poacher event its an amazing feeling to wander around the site and watch all participants having fun. They have no idea who I am or the amount of work undertaken to ensure they are enjoying themselves, but their beaming smiles remind me every time why I enjoy Poacher so much.

In 2017 we celebrated our 40th birthday and it was an amazing jamboree. It will be hard to top that event but we’re already working on some exciting plans…..watch this space!”

Andrew Selby
Head of Technical

"My role involves providing the infrastructure and commercial aspects to support the camp but what is infrastructure? Basically everything on site apart from activities and individual camps! So, from toilets, skips, showers, marquees through to the medical centre and staffing, security and communications systems! In terms of commercial we are providing the food courts, staff catering, the retail outlets and organising the camp clothing and camp badges!

I attended Poacher 1987 as a Cub, Poacher 1992 as a Scout, worked on the activities team at Poacher 1996 and I was the Safety Officer within the activities team at Poacher 2000. In 2004 I was responsible for the running of the safety team and again in 2008 when I also ran the medical team. Poacher 2013 I worked as Site Services Manager and most recently I was Infrastructure Manager in 2017.

I always remember watching in awe as a cub when the fire brigade cut the roof off a car at Poacher 1987. Watching the participants respond to current activities in the same way makes the planning all worthwhile! 

The closing ceremony at Poacher 2017 was something amazing, I can’t wait to see the reaction from the participants at Poacher 2022!”

Senior Leadership Team

The wider Senior Leadership Team consists of:

Business Services

Admin Manager | Olivia Tant
Finance Manager | TBC
Branding and Onsite Media Manager | Christopher Smith
Website Development and Content Manager | Dan Price
Social Media Manager | Rachel Smith


Scout Subcamp Manager | Rob Johnson
Guide Subcamp Manager | Sue Clinton
International Managers


Programme Administration Manager | Lucy Copeland
Programme Event Manager | Dave Relton
Daytime Activities Manager | Adric Warth

Technical Services

Technical Services Administration Manager | Sarah Hands
Site Services Team Manager | Gareth Jones
Support Services Manager | Rich Spence
Commercial Manager | Ian Henderson

Poacher 2022 is a jointly organised event by Lincolnshire Scouts (charity no 522395), Lincolnshire Girlguiding North (charity number 513165), and Lincolnshire Girlguiding South (charity no 522396).
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